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Here are some screenshots of my current desktop: Advertisements

If this is not exciting news, then what is?? " AMD will release its first batch of dual-core Turion 64 mobile processors on 9 May, lining up seven chips clocked between 1.6GHz and 2.2GHz, and accompanied by low-voltage variants, according to online claims. Separately, the vendor has itself confirmed the existence of the upcoming Athlon […]

Hi again!!


I really hope i will keep posting to this blog on a regular base. Althouth i am not very good in writing (i prefer reading :)), who knows I migth become addicted !! Anyway, i added some links in the linux section concerning Openbox3 (in short Ob3), the window manager I use (and love :)). […]

Hello world!


After a long time i finally found the opportunity to create my own web space wich i intend to use it as a collection of links, articles and other stuff of my interest. Hopefully this can become  quite an interesting  place!  Thats all for now , but i ll be back soon 🙂 !!