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Wine Doors


    Among other things lately i 've been busy contributing to a very interesting project called "Wine Doors".     As u can see at the project's page  Wine Doors is about obtaining, installing, uninstalling and working around the caveats associated with wine applications. Wine  Doors  is intended to  be a replacement for  the various wine […]

One of the annoyances i 've encounter during my linux experiance with a couple of distros, is when i want to install a program from sources. To be more specific the problem is when i want to Uninstall such a program and the author hasn't provided a make "uninstall" rule. So googling aroung for a […]

This is from Planet Openbox (by John McKnight):: "" Fan of Lokheed's themes? Me too. Here's a port of his latest masterpiece titled Tempura. For this theme to work properly, you'll need the split gradient patch for Openbox 3.3-rc2. I recommend patching Openbox 3.3-rc2 with this. Not only does it give you the split gradient […]

It 's beeing ages since my last post but i 've been busy lately. Anyway i have a lot of draft poss to finish and publish some of them r quite usefull. For the moment this is how my Desktop looks nowadays. As always openbox3 with xfce4-panel(svn) & conky. The new gtk2 theme is Tempura […]

After playing around with my conky configuration, i finally conluded … so here it is:: conkyrc conky-hour conky-min To get a brief idea how it looks like, here r some shots 🙂 Hope u like ’em!

A month ago, after i finished compiling (for the $%^$% time) my gentoo system, i wanted to add some additional TTF fonts i found on the net. Here is a mini howto do that :: 1. Download the font files or copy them from your windows partition (font_name.ttf) and save them into the directory of […]

My Configs


So here they are; My Configuration files:: (Actually some of them i 've found them ready on the web and did a bit of editing) .Xdefaults .vimrc .conkyrc (needs calibri fonts) .pypanelrc (needs tahoma fonts) Also i 've changed a bit the fonts in my openbox3 theme. The one i use is Black and the […]