~// Back to Gentoo !!!!


Hehe … after a long long time I found the time to install Gentoo at my work Laptop.

Following CONRAD Install V400 Recharged Flying Colors guide from gentoo forums I had my laptop up and running in no more than a day and a half and I must say that I was impressed both by the time needed to set-up my system (I regret to admit that Intel Centrino Duo is doing quite a good job vs. my older AMC 3400+) and the responsiveness of the system when I finally boot into my Gnome!!

The only thing that troubled me (and still does) is ext4. Using Small Gentoo x86 r9 live CD I formatted my root (/) & home (/home) partions with:

  • mke2fs -j /dev/sdxy and mount them with
  • -t ext4dev -o noatime,extents,delalloc

Unfortunately the first time that fsck was executed during boot time, I got a huge amount of errors regarding inodes having EXTENTS Flag on but not being into extent format. However as soon fsck had finished I was still able to boot my machine Now after reformating my root partition ( I had kept a backup of / ) I am using 2.6.21-viper1 sources but I am still facing problems from time to time; whenever my / parttion is not unmounted cleanly kernel panics and I need to boot from the live cd and fsck the disk. This hopefully does not happen often!! Anyway its not that bad like it may sound!! To mention here that ext4 seems (this is my feeling) faster than ext3!

I ll keep posting about ext4 untill things get a bit more stable!!


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