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Some new screenshots from my laptop!! I hope you like them. GTK theme is Nova-Lime (a nice alternative could be Murinna Mire Lime). Emerald theme is my own (mixed up from others)  and fonts are Heldastry Regular FT and Mulder Handriting Bold. Advertisements

~# I was thinking for sometime now, to create a personal SVN server to use for my scripts and documents. More like a place holder that I would be able to have some kind of version control. So here is a short how to install and setup svn and trac (I just like its source […]

Do you use Cisco VPN client?? (I do 🙂 ) Do you also use a kernel 2.6.19 or later ??  Then apply this patch to be able to compile the needed modules.  Thanks to this guy I saved my self from a lot of hours searching in google for compilation errors.