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~# I was thinking for sometime now, to create a personal SVN server to use for my scripts and documents. More like a place holder that I would be able to have some kind of version control. So here is a short how to install and setup svn and trac (I just like its source […]

If you want some screen shots from my current Gentoo system, here they are: & some info –> GTK Theme: Nova Lime, Metacity: Calla (modified to match GTK theme), Normal Fonts: Heldastry Regular FT, Metacity Fonts: Mulder Handriting Bold and of course compiz & screenlets Hope you like them …

Hehe … after a long long time I found the time to install Gentoo at my work Laptop. Following CONRAD Install V400 Recharged “Flying Colors“ guide from gentoo forums I had my laptop up and running in no more than a day and a half and I must say that I was impressed both by […]

I know that all over the net you can find articles and posts about how nice is this cute app. I wanted however to mention a small tip troubled me for a while (couple of minutes 😛 ) before figure it out. In order to preserve your scrollbar, add to your ~/.screenrc file the following […]

Hi, After a long long time back to posting with some recent OB3 screenshots. Hope you like!! Ubuntu Edgy:2.6.17-11-generic , ob3 (svn), ob3 theme: Cuttooth, gtk2 theme: Cuttooth.

Wine Doors


    Among other things lately i 've been busy contributing to a very interesting project called "Wine Doors".     As u can see at the project's page  Wine Doors is about obtaining, installing, uninstalling and working around the caveats associated with wine applications. Wine  Doors  is intended to  be a replacement for  the various wine […]

One of the annoyances i 've encounter during my linux experiance with a couple of distros, is when i want to install a program from sources. To be more specific the problem is when i want to Uninstall such a program and the author hasn't provided a make "uninstall" rule. So googling aroung for a […]