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If you want some screen shots from my current Gentoo system, here they are: & some info –> GTK Theme: Nova Lime, Metacity: Calla (modified to match GTK theme), Normal Fonts: Heldastry Regular FT, Metacity Fonts: Mulder Handriting Bold and of course compiz & screenlets Hope you like them … Advertisements

Hi, After a long long time back to posting with some recent OB3 screenshots. Hope you like!! Ubuntu Edgy:2.6.17-11-generic , ob3 (svn), ob3 theme: Cuttooth, gtk2 theme: Cuttooth.

It 's beeing ages since my last post but i 've been busy lately. Anyway i have a lot of draft poss to finish and publish some of them r quite usefull. For the moment this is how my Desktop looks nowadays. As always openbox3 with xfce4-panel(svn) & conky. The new gtk2 theme is Tempura […]

Here are some screenshots of my current desktop: