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Hi, After a long long time back to posting with some recent OB3 screenshots. Hope you like!! Ubuntu Edgy:2.6.17-11-generic , ob3 (svn), ob3 theme: Cuttooth, gtk2 theme: Cuttooth. Advertisements

This is from Planet Openbox (by John McKnight):: "" Fan of Lokheed's themes? Me too. Here's a port of his latest masterpiece titled Tempura. For this theme to work properly, you'll need the split gradient patch for Openbox 3.3-rc2. I recommend patching Openbox 3.3-rc2 with this. Not only does it give you the split gradient […]

So, as i promised here is a small howto building openbox3 with David Barr's awesome gradient patch. 1) U can get the patch form here 2) U need openbox3 sources. I used Openbox 3.3-rc2 which u can get from here 3) Untar the sources (tar -xjpvf) and copy the patch into the extracted directory. 4) […]