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Some new screenshots from my laptop!! I hope you like them. GTK theme is Nova-Lime (a nice alternative could be Murinna Mire Lime). Emerald theme is my own (mixed up from others)  and fonts are Heldastry Regular FT and Mulder Handriting Bold. Advertisements

Do you use Cisco VPN client?? (I do 🙂 ) Do you also use a kernel 2.6.19 or later ??  Then apply this patch to be able to compile the needed modules.  Thanks to this guy I saved my self from a lot of hours searching in google for compilation errors.

I am back ~


Hi out there!! There has been almost a month (maybe more) since my last post, but i had some real trouble the past few days 😦 .Anyway life goes on, so must I, so expect new posts and new interesting stuff pretty soon.

I am back!!


It's beeing a while since my last post but i have been busy filling up the applications for some MCs i am interested in!! Anyway today i decided to give a try to pipedsplitgradient path for openbox3. I am gonna write a howto for the whole procedure in a while and post it here :)!!

Hi again!!


I really hope i will keep posting to this blog on a regular base. Althouth i am not very good in writing (i prefer reading :)), who knows I migth become addicted !! Anyway, i added some links in the linux section concerning Openbox3 (in short Ob3), the window manager I use (and love :)). […]

Hello world!


After a long time i finally found the opportunity to create my own web space wich i intend to use it as a collection of links, articles and other stuff of my interest. Hopefully this can become  quite an interesting  place!  Thats all for now , but i ll be back soon 🙂 !!