How-To Add TTF Fonts to your linux box


A month ago, after i finished compiling (for the $%^$% time) my gentoo system, i wanted to add some additional TTF fonts i found on the net. Here is a mini howto do that ::

1. Download the font files or copy them from your windows partition (font_name.ttf) and save them into the directory of your choice. A good idea can be "/root/.fonts" or "/home/user_name/.fonts".

2. Then you need to have installed the "ttmkfdir" utility. (If u dont just emerge it :)).

3. Cd into the directory you saved the .ttf files and do:

  • ttmkfdir -o fonts.dir
  • ttmkfdir -o fonts.scale
  • fc-cache -fv

4. Add the directory to your "/etc/X11/xorg.conf" file, under the Files section and restart your X server

  • FontPath "/root/.fonts"

4 Responses to “How-To Add TTF Fonts to your linux box”

  1. 1 boniek

    Installing in nautilus didn’t work for me so this tip was highly useful. Thanks!;)

  2. 2 anon

    i think they tutorial my be broken

  3. All I had to do was create the “.font” directory, put the TTF in this directory, and then called “sudo fc-cache -f” to refresh it. I’m using Debian. Texlive-font-utils *may* be required.


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